R2 Resilience

R2 Resilience Program

Standard Manual for Populations In Need of Human Services

The R2 Resilience Program© for Populations In Need of Human Services is designed to strengthen the resilience of front-line staff and clients, with an emphasis on the practice needs of professionals and paraprofessionals working with individuals and families in need of support. In this manual, you and your client will find information about the resources required to build resilience.

The R2 Resilience Program© is unique with its focus on two types of protective factors that build resilience: the rugged qualities inside us and the external resources that provide us with the many kinds of support we need to thrive when stressed.

The Standard Manual for Populations In Need of Human Services contains a series of modules, one for each of the 16 protective factors (eight rugged qualities and eight resources) found to be most important for front-line staff and clients.

Resilience Factors Covered in this Program:

Each module contains key learning objectives, a summary of the science and case studies, as well as activities that can be used to help clients build resilience.

Rugged Qualities:


R2 Workshops

Join Dr. Ungar and members of his team for a masterclass in resilience where you will discover the R2 approach and how to build resilience in your organization, business, school or community. The events can be tailored to all kinds of meetings, from a 1-hour keynote or webinar to a multi-day onsite workshop.